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Accounting & Tax



Accounting is our main activity. We deliver high class accountancy services in your home language, with the benefits of knowing and understanding your home country accounting system.



Full accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting for UK companies owned by foreign individuals or foreign companies is our core business. We have the resources in house to deal with any companies from a one man band contractor to larger SMEs with several employees and branches in various countries. We use mainly VT transactions software, and we like to work as paperless as possible, but we are flexible on the way we collaborate together. We are particularly experts on problematics of non-UK owned business issues such as cross-border VAT, employing foreigners, or intra-group consolidation.

Non-UK Companies Trading in the UK

If you are a non-UK company trading in the UK, it is likely that you will need to go through some procedures and registrations in the UK (even if you do not have a permanent place of business here). It could be for example to register for UK VAT number if you reach a certain threshold, or to run a UK payroll if you send employees to the UK for a certain amount of time. You might also have to pay certain taxes in the UK or to have a UK bank account. We are knowledgeable about all of these procedures and we can lead them through on your behalf in most cases.

Payroll Management

Running a payroll is very easy, simple and logical in the UK through the system PAYE (Pay As You Earn). National Insurance contributions and taxes on the salary are paid directly by the employer at the source each month. A normal UK payslip is only four lines, compared to over 25 in France. Rates are also very low with National Insurance contributions at 13.8% with a £11,000 allowance. We are able to assist you for payroll from registering your company to producing monthly payslips for all of your employees, and we can run payroll for UK companies who have employees in other countries.

Company Tax Advice

We are able to provide in-house recommendations for companies, group of companies and individuals. By default, we always present clients with the most tax efficient options—if you are an ongoing accounting client, both for your personal and company tax returns. We are also able to assist clients with very specific advice on tax residence; assets structuration; inheritance and transmissions and how to conduct oneself as a proprietor in the UK. Internally, we can only provide advice on UK cases, but we work closely with tax advisors in most European countries our clients are from.

Company Administration

Administration of a company is simple in the UK. Until changes come into effect in 2019, all you have to do is confirm the share capital, the business activities, the details of the directors and the shareholders once a year through a document filled online called Confirmation Statement (formerly Annual Return). We can, of course, do the filling for you, and take over any administration change you may want to make during the life of your company: change of directors, transfer of shares, change of company name, increase or decrease your share capital or change articles.