Queen's Yard | Services for Individuals
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Services for Individuals




From taking care of your tedious administrative tasks to luxury lifestyle management, at Queen’s Yard, we are here to make your personal life easier. Here is how we can help:




UK Bank Account Opening

Once you have relocated to the United Kingdom, one of the first things to do is to open a personal bank account. This is mandatory for almost everything: getting a phone contract, paying Council Tax and even setting up broadband. A member of Queen’s Yard staff who speaks your language will arrange an appointment with one of the bankers we work with and come along with you to your appointment. For European Union citizens, only a valid form of ID and a proof of UK address is required and it usually takes no more than 30 minutes. You usually get your bank details the same day.

Securing of National Insurance Number

The UK National Health System is one of the best health systems in the world. To have access to it as a UK resident, all you need is to get a National Insurance number through an appointment at your local job centre. For European Union nationals, only a valid form of ID and a proof of UK address is required. A member of Queen’s Yard staff will attend the appointment with you, and you usually receive your life-long National Insurance number within a few days. A National Insurance number is also mandatory if you want to be employed by a company in the UK.

Properties and Removals

The London real estate market is very fast, competitive and exciting. Whether you are looking to buy or to rent, the Queen’s Yard Solutions team is here to help you understand protocols. We will guide you through the whole process, from first viewings to formalisation of your offer and negotiation with the landlord or the real estate agent. We can also arrange hassle-free, door-to-door removals to and from London, as well as to and from most European cities in neighbouring countries.

Personal Tax Return Support and Tax Advice

If you become a UK resident, and if your income is not limited to a monthly salary paid by a UK company, you have to fill in a personal tax return at the end of each year (the UK tax year ends on April 5th each year for individuals in the UK). We work with external tax advisers in several other European countries in case your situation is more complicated (i.e several countries of residence) and we are able to deal with pretty much all levels of complexity in terms of income structure and residency.

Concierge Services

London is a metropolitan city, and at Queen’s Yard, we can help you make the most of it. Chauffeurs, luxury cars, bookings in the most exclusive and impossible to attend restaurants and nightclubs, exclusive tickets for sport or concert events, or even private jets, helicopters or yachts: we can help to arrange almost everything for you, no matter how crazy your desires are. We can also arrange household staff and services for families. Despite the fact that we are based in London, the possibility for us to operate in other cities through partners is there—if you so wish.