Queen's Yard | UK Business Development
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UK Business Development



At Queen’s Yard, we are primarily entrepreneurs. We believe there is nothing more exciting than starting a business. We provide a range of services to help you grow here.



Raising Capitals

Many business ideas need capital to become real. If you do not have the amount of necessary money to start your venture, there are many places to look. If you are new to the UK, most banks will not lend you anything (everything is based on credit history here), but we work closely with capital ventures, hedge funds and business angel networks who are constantly looking for new projects to fund. Crowd funding and crowd-equity is also very popular in the UK, and we have all the resources to prepare and submit your project to potential investors.

Sourcing Premises

Offices, shops, restaurants, bars… even nightclubs! We constantly look for business premises on behalf of our clients. We have partnerships with major real estate agents and we are here to explain to you everything about UK real estate market. The main difference with mainland Europe is that in the UK you do not decide what business activity you can do in a given premise: local authorities do through a system of coded licences. We can define your needs and criteria with you, provide advice on price and location and preview a few selected properties before organising viewings with you.

UK Recruitment

Whether you run a restaurant, a retail shop or an IT consultancy, the team at Queen’s Yard is here to help you with every step of the recruitment process: profile definition, advertising of the position, preselection of candidates and organising interviews. We have sourced waiters, bar staff and sales teams, and we specialise in sourcing people who speak other languages. For very technical or high-level management position, we will refer you to one of the specialised recruitment consultancies we work with on a regular basis.

Translation Services

At Queen’s Yard, our team is multilingual, with speakers at native level in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. We can translate from and to any of these languages, be it for commercial or marketing content, communication with clients or authorities… should you need anything in a language we do not cover, or if you require a certified translation, we will refer you to a certified translator we work with on a regular basis. We can also act as physical interpreter for business meetings or travels.

UK Business Strategy and Market Research

Many of our clients come to us in order for their product or service to conquer the UK market. We can assist you with three main aspects: we can conduct market research with you; we can get involved in the recruitment and the training of a local sales force, and we can help you design a UK centred online marketing campaign using paid for and free online marketing tools. If the project is too big for us, we will help you find an agency tailored to your needs.