Queen's Yard | UK Company Set-up
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UK Company Set-up



Setting up a company in the UK is faster and easier than in any European country, and at Queen’s Yard we are here to guarantee you the best start possible.



Company incorporation

Registering a company in the UK is really quick and easy. We are able to register all kinds of UK structures. To name a few: Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships and Charities. For most of our clients, we incorporate a Private Limited Company, and this usually takes only a few hours. All we need is a copy of each person’s passport and proof of their address, the structure of the company (directors and shareholders) and its proposed name. We are also able to incorporate daughter companies owned by foreign entities.

Business bank account opening

We work closely with several banks in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Depending on your business activity, your country of residence and your needs, we will recommend one or several banks to you. Our services are all inclusive: we will book the appointment, prepare the meeting with you and follow up the application afterwards. We also work with several fintechs which are really interesting for clients working in several currencies. A company is nothing without a bank account, so we always make sure our clients get one as soon as possible.

VAT registration

The UK is one of the few European countries where VAT registration is neither mandatory nor automatic: you only need to register if your turnover over 12 months is over the threshold of £85000. Registering for VAT can be quite a lengthy process in the UK especially if the director is not a UK resident; therefore, if you really need to be registered, we recommend starting the process early. We are also able to register your company for VAT in other European countries if you need, and to provide detailed advice on very specific VAT situations.

Registered and Virtual Office

If you do not have an office in the UK and if you want to keep your address private, we offer registered office and mail forwarding services for your company, and we can deal with your business and governmental mail (although there is very little in the UK as everything is done online). We will forward your mail at your best convenience and frequency by email or post. If you require a meeting room or a temporary desk for yourself, an employee, or an intern, we can arrange it all for you, even with very short notice.

Getting a Licence

There are several business activities that you will not be able to start without a licence—this is not limited to the UK. If your business is a physical shop or deals with wealth and safety, alcohol sale, late night opening, we can help you get any licence and liaise with the council on your behalf. In addition to this, we can deal with any licence needed for regulated financial activities covered by the Financial Services Authorities (trade, investments, precious metals, money transfers…), as well as any other regulating body your company might need before you start trading.